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Pause. Play. Be Well.

Pause Play Wellness is focused on facilitating your journey to Mind, Body, & Spirit balance through an integrative approach to healing. Through one-on-one collaborations with Rachel, you will experience physical, emotional, and spiritual breakthroughs ranging from healing of pain, stress relief, emotional release, help with processing grief & trauma, clarity of mind, restoration of energy, increased mobility, raising your overall vibration and so much more!

Rachel offers a truly unique experience in both Energy Healing and Hatha + Vinyasa Yoga flows (virtually-only due to Covid-19 protocols). Each session includes:

  • Intention Setting

  • Guided Meditation with Breathwork

  • Full Integrated Energy Healing with Crystals or Yoga Flow.  (All sessions include a curated high vibrational playlist tailored for your personal experience)

  • Chakra Alignment 

  • Grounding Into Body & Guidance for Ongoing Personal Maintenance

Why Energy Healing & Yoga?

Relaxes the Nervous System

Cultivates Compassion for Self & Others

Break Free of Destructive Emotions & Thought Patterns

Balances the Mind, Body, & Spirit

Boosts the Immune System 

Increases Mindfulness

A Note About Energy Healing

The human body is comprised of energy centers called Chakras.

When our chakras become misaligned, we experience imbalances in various facets of our being. While the chakras give us insight and energy healing helps to strengthen the body's energetic flow, it is important to note that this approach to healing is intended to serve as a complement to and not a replacement of any Western medical treatments, therapy, or advise you may be receiving.

Your Inner Child Will Thank You.

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