"I Am Grounded" Crystal Healing Affirmation Candle
  • "I Am Grounded" Crystal Healing Affirmation Candle


    Crystal healing candle, affirmation, meditation & playlist designed to support the Root chakra.

    • Meditate & Create with PPW Candles

      "I Am Grounded" has a sexy and sophisticated appeal with its woody fusion of amaretto, tonka bean, oud, and musk.  This batch has been adorned with Black Onyx crystal chips for protection and absorbing & transmuting negative energy into positive energy. A Clear Quartz point is included to enhance these properties. 


      The QR code-linked label takes you to an opportunity to pause in a guided meditation, or play accompanied by a soulful healing playlist sure to ease your spirit and remind you of how powerful you are & always have been!


      Our candles are handcrafted with love in Los Angeles, CA & designed to support your journey to cultivating more peace, pause, & play! Made with a luxurious vegan wax blend of natural apricot + coconut, and high quality fragrance + essential oils, Pause Play Wellness candles are 100% gluten-free, toxin-free, paraben-free, & phthalate-free. Each candle is adorned with ethically-sourced crystals & infused with reiki to amplify its healing properties.

    • Burn & Affirm with Care

      • Set the mood with a carefully curated playlist and meditation by scanning the QR code on your candle vessel. Move or meditate? Pause or play? Listen to what your body needs each time you burn your candle and go with the flow! 



      • Set an intention using the included affirmation card to help shape and clarify your personal wishes. Keep this card for future use.



      • Set up your candle by having it lit for 2-4hrs (max) in a well-ventilated space + heat-resistant surface, never leaving it unattended. After use, extinguish using a snuffer. Trim your wooden wick to 1/8" before every future use.



      • For optimal performance, light your candle for at least 2hrs your first time burning to ensure an even melt pool. Remove large crystal using a wooden or metal spoon after extinguishing and the wax has started to cool. Rinse with mild soap & warm water, then keep it on or near you to mobilize the healing properties!
    • What's Inside Matters: The Specs

      Vessel: Glossy fuchsia/iridescent glass


      Crystals: Black Onyx for protection, absorbing negative energy, & fortifying emotional health and vitality; Clear Quartz for amplifying healing properties


      Affirmation: I am grounded. I feel safe & secure in my body. I release all tension and worries as I let go of what no longer serves me.


      Burn Time: 50 hours with proper use


      Approx Size: 3 x 3.25"


      Approx. Weight: 1lb

    • Disclaimer

      Pause Play Wellness Candles were designed with your peace in mind. However, it is important to note that this approach to healing is intended to serve as a complement to and not a replacement of any Western medical treatments, therapy, or advise you may be receiving.


      Pause Play Wellness Candles includes details about reiki, meditation, and crystals for informational purposes only. Pause Play Wellness Candles are not in anyway intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any diseases.

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